File upload issues

Below you'll find the common reasons why Smartcat fails to upload your files.

  1. File size. Smartcat supports files of the following formats not bigger than 512 Mb so there maybe issues when uploading *.docx and *.pptx files of substantial size. 

Solution: Save the original * .pptx or * .docx file in LibreOffice or Microsoft Office using the Save as option in the file menu.

You can also split a multi-slide presentation into two or more parts and add them to one project. 

2. Image size. The platform imposes a document size limit of 30 Mb for extracting text from images, and the uploaded file is larger.

Solution: Split the document into parts smaller than 30 Mb. You can use tools for editing documents, for example, PDF-XChange Editor, Adobe Acrobat and others.

3. Parsing error. The platform may be unable to recognize the content of the slides. 

Solution: exclude all extras (e.g. hidden slides, slide masters, etc.)  when loading the file into the project.

To remove these elements you can a also convert your presentation to * .pdf, then back to * .pptx.

4. Text export error. Your text can contain elements Smartcat can't recognize. 

Solution: Modify the original document and delete elements like:

  • invalid characters
  • large pictures or videos that can cause presentation to freeze
  • shapes and objects that differ from the rest visually or by some attributes
  • graphs and diagrams.


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