Export keys from a software localization project

Discover how to easily export keys from your software localization project in Smartcat, including selecting confirmation states, file formats, and desired languages.

With Smartcat, you can now localize your software into the many languages that are required by your users. Our platform lets you import and export strings (easy-to-translate text segments) in JSON, YAML, Android XML, and iOS.strings with the key IDs. To export keys, you can set up an integration using API or CLI tool or use UI interface.

Here is how you export keys using Smartcat UI:

1. Press Export on a collection level or in the Editor

2. Select confirmation state of segments

3. Select export file format

4. Select languages that you want to export

5. Wait for the export to be completed. If you choose several languages, they will be downloaded as separate files in zip archive.

Head to our main article to learn more about how to create a software localization project. You can also learn about how to import keys and plural keys as well.