Hire a linguist at Smartcat Marketplace

Discover the importance of glossaries and translation memories in Smartcat for ensuring consistent terminology and phrasing in localization projects.

Find out how to easily hire a qualified linguist to assist with your translation needs.

There will be times when you need a human professional to do the translation or editing for you. Smartcat hosts the industry's largest database of vetted linguists and translation agencies.

There are two ways you can hire a freelancer for your task.

Using Smartcat AI to hire a linguist

  1. Click the Invite in tasks button on the Overview tab.

Smartcat will send the invitation to review your translation to the first linguist seleceted by the Smarcat AI based on your language pair. Our algorithm is capable of finding the best rated professional at the lowest cost for your language pair.

2. The selected linguist will accept the invitation and do the work. You'll be able to track the progress on the Translation overview page.

3. As soon as the translation is finished you'll find the invoice on the Payments page. For more information about paying freelancers via Smartcat, refer to this article.

Hiring a professional from your project page

1. Go to Find Freelancers tab of the Team page and use different criteria (shown on the right side of the page) to screen freelancers.

2. Explore the list of freelancers. Use additional filters such as subject matter or pricing if needed.

Click on a freelancer profile to get the detailed information such as the number of words and projects translated in Smartcat, productivity, availability, and so on.

You can choose to post a job on the Smartcat board and wait for freelancers to offer their services to you or offer them a small test assignment to make sure they are competent enough for your project.

3. Invite the selected freelancer to a project by clicking the corresponding button, selecting the project and the files/segments to assign.

You can also add freelancers to your team for long-term collaboration.


If one of my translators is already in the Marketplace, do I have to pay them via Smartcat?

If a company invites a freelancer to an account using the My Team email invitation, they can pay this freelancer outside the Smartcat system even if the freelancer is already registered on the marketplace. If tasks are completed in Smartcat and jobs are added to the Payment page, they can be deleted and payment made using previous methods.