Handle pluralization in a software localization project

Learn how Smartcat facilitates software translation into various languages, handling plurals, importing/exporting LocJSON files, and using an interactive previewer/validator for ICU MessageFormat strings.

Smartcat enables you to localize your software into the many languages your users require. You can import and export strings (translatable text segments Smartcat CAT tool Editor) in JSON, YAML, Android XML, and iOS.strings with the key IDs. Smartcat also enables support for plural keys as well.

There are two ways of handling plurals with Smartcat:

  • Natively (as independent segments in the editor)

  • Via ICU MessageFormat syntax

When you open a collection of keys in the editor, you can add new keys. You will need to specify if the key needs to be created with all plural forms.

When exporting keys, plural forms will be converted into an ICU MessageFormat-compatible string.

When importing a LocJSON file, you can specify if keys containing ICU MessageFormat syntax should be parsed and converted into individual segments in Smartcat, or kept as they are (so that you can edit the raw string).

In the case where you have raw ICU MessageFormat strings, you can use an interactive previewer/validator for this format by choosing it in a preview section.

To find out more, head to our article on how you can create a software localization project on Smartcat, or individual articles about importing and exporting keys.