Create a glossary

Learn how to create and manage multiple glossaries in Smartcat to ensure terminological consistency across your translation projects.

To create a glossary on Smartcat, go to your Linguistic Assets on your Smartcat homepage. You can follow allong our interactive demo or read the steps below.

Once you have selected Linguistic Assets, select Glossaries from the drop-down menu. Next, select Create glossary. 

After, you will need to add the details for your glossary, which include:

  • Name

  • Languages (you can add as many as you want by clicking on the plus button)

  • Comments

  • Clients (if you are a vendor/language service provider who serves clients on the platform)

  • Project tags 

Under Advanced instructions, you can add further details, such as field name and what type of field it is (text, subject, reference).  

There are different field names for the position (definition source, subject, and example), language (definition, definition source, comments), and term (source, gender, number, part of speech). These fields allow you to create a detail-rich glossary that has a lot of context for your collaborators. Learn more about how to set up glossary properties and structure

Choose Save to keep your changes. 

Next, you can add an entry one by one. You can add comments and a definition or other details, depending on which fields you turned on in the advanced settings. 

If you have a ready-made glossary saved elsewhere and you want to upload it, simply select the Upload button and select the file from your PC. 

When importing from a MultiTerm XML file, only terms without additional attributes will be uploaded. To upload terms along with attributes, use the XLSX format. Import options include replacing all terms or adding new terms without replacing the ones that are already saved to a glossary. Here, you can also add the glossary as well. 

In the glossary page, you can also search for terms in your glossary as well, making it easy to find the right term. 

You can also learn how to import/export glossaries to and from Smartcat.