Create a glossary

Learn how to create and manage multiple glossaries in Smartcat to ensure terminological consistency across your translation projects.

Learn how to easily create an organized glossary of terms for any project.

In Smartcat, you can create an unlimited number of glossaries to help you maintain consistency between batches of content being translated.

Smartcat glossaries are multilingual, so you can create a glossary with any number of languages.

Step 1

From the homepage of your workspace, click on Linguistic assets from the top menu . This will bring you to the translation memory section of your linguistic assets page.

Step 2

Next, select Create TM from the table.

Step 3

In the window that opens, add your file (TMX, SDLTM, XLSX), choose a unique name for your glossary, client (optional), project tags, subject (topic at hand), and any relevant comments. Clicking save will show you the message: TMS upload in progress.

Step 4

Finally, you will see the successful import message on your workspace and it will be listed in your table of linguistic assets.

You can also learn how to change the glossary structure and properties or import/export glossaries created outside of Smartcat or how to import/export glossaries to and from Smartcat.