How to translate any document in Smartcat

Smartcat allows you to translate hundreds or even thousands of pages in a matter of seconds using its AI automatic translation and OCR technology. The platform supports more than 80 file types and maintains your page format layout, ensuring that a translated PDF file, for instance, will look the same as your original PDF file in the source language.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to translate any document in Smartcat:

Step 1: Log in and start a new translation task

Log into your Smartcat account and click on "Translate a file". If you don't have an account yet, you can create your free trial account in a few seconds.

Step 2: Choose languages and upload your documents

You will be directed to the "Translate documents settings" page. Here, you need to:

1. Choose your source and target languages. Smartcat supports up to 280 languages.

2. Upload or drag-and-drop your file(s). Smartcat's OCR technology will process the files for translation.

3. Click "Translate files".

Step 3: Download, edit, and share your translation

Most AI automatic translations on Smartcat take seconds.

Once complete, you have several options:

1. Download your AI translation immediately

Download and use your translated document immediately in your preferred file format by clicking on the icon with three dots on the top right.

2. Invite collaborators.

You can share your translation with your own team or external translators by inviting them to work on it via the "Share" button.

Input collaborator email and decide permission privileges.

3. Hire a professional editor on Smartcat Marketplace

Invite a Smartcat Marketplace linguist in your translation's language pair to review and edit your AI automatic translation.

Choose manually or use AI matching. With AI matching, Smartcat pairs you with a best-match human professional linguist in seconds. You'll then be able to hire subject matter experts from the world's largest vetted marketplace to review and edit your AI automatic translation!

Additional features

Smartcat Editor

If you want to translate, post-edit, or verify the translation, you can do so in the Smartcat Editor. The editor lets you see both columns (source and target languages side by side), which makes translation a lot easier! You can also see the context on the side panel.

Manage projects

You will see a project automatically created with this file included. Projects allow you to manage more than one document, hire linguists, and everything in one overview.

Uploading and translating files from a project overview

If you have ongoing projects, you can also upload a file from your projects on Smartcat. Upload as many as you want in one go, i.e. not one-by-one, which saves you time. You can also organize your documents in folders to help manage and access them more easily.

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