How to use Smartcat AI Content Generator

Learn how to unlock the full potential of your content creation in any language

With Smartcat AI content generator, generate your own original content in seconds using your existing content for added context. You can generate content for any type of use case, including:

  • blog articles

  • white papers

  • social media posts

  • email sequences

  • ebooks

  • internal documentation

  • web landing pages

  • content outlines

Smartcat acts as a central storehouse for your content. This means that, when you generate new content, it is directly informed by your already-existing content stored on Smartcat. As a result, your newly-generated content is on brand with tone of voice, terminology, and knowledge about your company, product, and target market. You can also choose to generate new content from scratch, with no contextual content resources added to inform the new content generation.

There are two “modes” for you to choose from: Generate & Ask.

Generating high-quality content with AI Assistant

Clicking “Generate” enables you to use your existing content to inform brand-new content creation or create content from scratch.

As shown in the screenshot above, AI Assistant then asks you to type your prompt here in the dialogue box. Simply write your content generation instruction for AI Assistant to generate your content piece in seconds.

After writing your prompt, click the button on the bottom right of the dialogue box, as shown above. AI Assistant then instantaneously analyzes your content repository and shows you all possible contextual content that is relevant to your current prompt.

Smartcat AI retrieves the top 10 similar texts from your content storehouse on Smartcat.

The first three are shown to you on-screen. You can choose to add these additional content contexts as references to inform your new content generation or load more results (up to ten).

Once content rendering is complete, you can continue prompting AI Assistant to generate more content. For instance, you could prompt it to generate five social media posts based on the generated content.

You can click on the instances of Additional context found, as shown above, to provide greater context for AI Assistant to work with, in order to generate new content in the most optimal way. You can also choose to proceed without any additional context added to your prompt.

Click Generate at the bottom of the page to proceed, after adding additional context or deciding to go without. There is also an option to Show more if you would like to see more examples of additional content context that you can add to your current prompt.

AI Assistant then proceeds to display the additional context that you have chosen, if applicable, and begins to generate your prompted content, as shown below.

After AI Assistant has generated your content, you can ask it to carry out changes. As an example, the below screenshot displays a new prompt for AI Assistant to shorten the original 500-word article text to less than 200 words.

The 200-word updated text is generated immediately and shown below the latest prompt, as displayed in this image.

You can then choose to copy the generated text or download it. Your generated text is downloaded in txt. format with markdown formatting.

Asking AI Assistant questions or issuing prompts

As well as using AI Assistant to generate new content, you can also ask it questions.

Select “Ask” to write a question.

Write your question or an instructional prompt. This might be a question/prompt about your own company or about Smartcat processes. As shown above, let’s say your question is: how to translate PDF files

In this mode, your prompt is treated as a question, and under the hood AI Assistant finds appropriate content the same way as with content generation mode, but it does so behind the scenes and then provides your answer in seconds, as displayed in the below screenshot. It searches all your indexed organization, stored on your Smartcat central record of content, as well as on Smartcat Help Center. AI Assistant searches for additional content context only at the beginning of each session.

You can also follow up with more prompts in this mode.

For instance, you could ask, “Does Smartcat recognize text in images?”

NOTE: in both Generate and Ask modes, AI Assistant looks for contextual content only once, at the beginning of your chat. If you want to ask another question, restart the chat.

Distribute your AI-generated content to a global audience in any language with Smartcat Language AI

Once you create content with Smartcat AI Assistant, you can combine it with Smartcat Language AI, which enables you to AI-translate your content into up to 280 languages in seconds. This means that you no longer have to use two or more platforms for your content creation and translation requirements. Instead, do it all from one single platform, Smartcat.

No more shuffling between platforms or having to remember multiple login details or learn how different user interfaces work.

As you use Smartcat more, the platform gets to know your content needs better. For Smartcat’s AI to analyze your content, you don’t need to do anything special — simply use Smartcat normally, and it will learn from your content. As a result, content generation becomes increasingly on-brand and with greater terminology accuracy and consistency.