Connect Zapier with Smartcat

Learn how Zapier integration can automate your translation process with Smartcat, connecting you to over 1,500 apps for streamlined project management.

Smartcat has connectors to the top CMS in the market but there are still many applications where developing a connectors might not be feasible. One solution around this problem is with a Zapier integration.

What is Zapier?

Zapier provides the tools to connect more than 1500 applications without the need to write one line of code. Using existing building blocks, users can build workflows between applications very quickly. For example, people use Zapier to automatically copy email attachments to their Google Drive or send tweet each time a new product is added to their web store.

How can Zapier be used with Smartcat?

Project managers receive files using many channels - emails, cloud repositories, chat applications. Each time, files need to be downloaded manually, projects created and when the project is completed, reverse the process. Using Zapier, projects can be created automatically when files are received or uploaded using custom parameters to specify project names, languages and workflow steps. Upon project completion, files can be returned automatically through the same channels they came from.

How does it work?

In Zapier, every application will have what is called Triggers and Actions. Triggers will be something that happens in this app that will kick off the automation, like for example, a new file was added or a new email was received. An action is something that can be done in the app when the trigger occurs, for example, send an email, create a file.

In Zapier, Smartcat has three trigger event (Project Completed, Project New and Project Cancelled) and 3 actions events (Get Client, Create Project and Create Export). The Create Project action should be used to respond to a trigger from a different app. For example, in Google Drive, one of the triggers is New File in Folder. The response to that trigger would be to create a project in Smartcat. The Smartcat trigger Project Completed could be used to send messages via different chat application or could be followed by the action Create Export to generate translated files. An action from another app could then be used to upload the file somewhere or send it via email.

The Smartcat channel has other videos to show how you can do the same thing with OneDrive and Dropbox. There are also videos on how to connect Gmail and Slack to Smartcat. With over 1500 apps in Zapier, the possibilities are almost endless.