Understand Smartwords

Explore what Smartwords are and how they serve as currency for AI translation and translation memory usage within the Smartcat platform.

Discover what Smartwords are and how they are used for AI translation.

"Smartwords" refer to your balance of words for AI translation and translation memory use in Smartcat. They are, essentially, your form of automatic translation “currency” inside Smartcat.

What do Smartwords do?

Each time you perform an AI translation, Smartcat AI chooses the most appropriate automatic translation engine for you from under the Smartcat hood with the objective of translating with the highest accuracy possible and of minimizing post-editing requirements.

Each time you post-edit your translations on Smartcat, it saves your changes to your own private Smartcat “brain”. As a result, you grow your linguistic resources database – translation memories and glossaries – which, in turn, reduces time and cost for human expert review, and your translation quality increases over time.

Your Smartwords balance

Your Smartwords balance is always in plain view. Simply go to the Smartwords usage tab and choose the time period to see how a breakdown of your Smartwords usage and your remaining balance.

With each use of Smartcat AI translation and translation memories, Smartcat automatically reflects the corresponding Smartword usage in your updated Smartwords balance.