Smartcat referral program for freelancers

Smartcat’s referral program allows freelancers to earn $100 for bringing a new customer to the platform. 
You'll get $100 once the company signs up with Smartcat and the following criteria are met:

  • The company has signed up using your referral link.
  • The company has not been previously registered with Smartcat.
  • The company is a corporate translation buyer (not an LSP or freelancer)
  • The company signed up using a valid company email address, not a public email service.
  • The client has subscribed to any of Smartcat's Subscription plans

How do I refer a customer?

  1. Log in to your freelancer workspace in Smartcat.
  2. In the menu, click Refer a client*.
  3. On the page that opens, you will find your unique referral link.
  4. Click Copy to clipboard.
  5. Share the link across your channels. Here are some ideas:
    • Send an email or a message containing your referral link to an agency you work with outside Smartcat, or any other translation customer. You can use our case studies to showcase how Smartcat can be of help to that customer.
    • Have a blog? Write an article about Smartcat and add your referral link.
    • Are you active on social media? Make a post on your personal page or in a professional group.
    • Add the link to your email signature.

*Please note: if you are currently in a corporate account, click on your userpic in the top-left corner to switch to the freelancer workspace.

What will the referred company have to do?

  1. The company should register in Smartcat:
    • As a corporate user,
    • Using your referral link,
    • Using a valid company email address, website, and phone number.
  2. We will contact the company to qualify the user, i.e. make sure that:
    • They are a language service company OR a business that potentially needs translation/localization services,
    • They are not a freelancer AND not a business that doesn’t need translation/localization services.
    • They are a new customer, i.e. they have not been previously registered in Smartcat,

If these conditions are fulfilled, you will be paid your first bonus.

When and how exactly will I get the bonus?

  1. You will receive $100 on your freelancer account balance once we have qualified the company as per the section above.
  2. Bonuses are credited on a monthly basis, e.g., a bonus that was activated in February will be credited after March 15 but not later than on March 31.
  3. You can use the bonus(es) to either purchase any of Smartcat services — e.g. MT or OCR — or just withdraw the money using any of the available methods.

How can I track the referrals I’ve made?

You can view your referral statistics on the Refer a client page.

Signed up with your link. The number of companies that have signed up with Smartcat using your personal referral link.

Qualified referrals. The number of companies you referred that have been checked and approved by us to make sure they qualify as referrals.

Made a qualifying purchase. The number of qualified referrals you brought to Smartcat that have subscribed to one of our paid plans or spent $5,000+ USD on Smartcat’s paid offerings.

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