Starting your first project

Response to the invitation

Have you been invited to a project? Congrats! Improving your profile has indeed paid off. Now it’s your move!

  1. Respond to the invitation by accepting or rejecting it. Don’t leave the customer hanging.
  2. Study the project details including net rates for repetitions and matches, payment terms, and other information.
  3. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer using the built-in chat.


Getting started

Does the job look appealing? Go ahead and take the opportunity then.

First, accept the invitation. Depending on the project settings, you either will be able to start right away or will have to wait for the customer’s approval. Once you’re approved, you will receive a notification about that.

Linguists use the Smartcat Editor to work on translation projects whether a project is assigned or created by a linguist. The Editor is a convenient tool that breaks documents into manageable segments. You can view the original text in the left column while translating in the right column. Once you have done translating a segment, you need to mark it as confirmed (the corresponding hotkey is Ctrl+Enter).

Please keep in mind that in projects with several assignees, the first one who confirms a segment will be paid for that segment. Let the client know if you have spotted an error in the original text while translating to point it out. This will also show the client that you care not only about the quality of your work but also about the quality of the client's project.

Some projects may include translation memories and glossaries, which output, as well as comments, can be viewed right in the Editor. Do not use machine translation unless you are working on the post-editing of machine-translation output. 

By the way, you can check the project statistics anytime right on the project page. (Here is more about statistics and cost calculation).



Once you have completed the task, you are welcome to get in touch with a client via the built-in chat. Clients have to accept your work before they could form an invoice on their end to pay you. You may need to reply to a few questions or make some adjustments before a client confirms that the task is completed.

Getting paid

Payment will be made as outlined in the project details. You will receive your earnings within 5 business days after a client successfully processes the payment to Smartcat.

Make sure that you have selected a payout method that works for you to receive earning on the My Payouts page.

Payment disputes

It's important to check a client's dispute resolution policy for missed deadlines or low-quality translation on the project page.

To resolve any disputes you may work it out with the client or get in touch with us.


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