How to translate video subtitles

Smartcat allows you to easily translate your video subtitles, and conveniently preview your video with the translated output. Our translation engine supports translating SRT, TTML, and VTT subtitle formats.

See below for a step-by step-breakdown on how to translate your subtitles:

  1. Export the SRT or any other subtitle file from your YouTube video course or other source. Learn more about exporting and importing subtitle files.
  2. Sign in to your Smartcat account and select Translate a document on the homepage - follow these instructions for more.
  3. Select the source and target languages, and upload the files you want to translate.
  4. Select  Translate files.
  5. When the translation is ready click Preview or Review in editor.
  6. Select your video file as a preview source.
  7. Watch the translation that now appears in your source video and edit it sentence by sentence. Use the heat map to make sure your subtitles are easy to read. 
  8. Approve all segments when done. 
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