Minimum payout amount

Smartcat allows you to specify the minimum amount of payout you would like to obtain. In other words, as soon as your balance reaches the specified amount, Smartcat will automatically initiate the payout via your preferred method.

To specify the minimum payout, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to My payouts, select an available payout method and provide your payout details.

  2. After specifying your payout method, the default minimum payout amount is displayed. To modify it, click Edit minimum payout amount.

  3. Indicate any minimum payout amount at your discretion. Note however, that each payout provider may impose their own restrictions that will affect your choice. If the minimum payout allowed by the provider is greater than the minimum you would like to specify, you will need to comply with the provider's limitations.

  4. The specified minimum payout amount is now shown in the corresponding section. You can modify it anytime by clicking Edit minimum payout amount.



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