Import keys into a software localization project

Learn how to import keys into your software localization project on Smartcat, including choosing a collection, resolving key conflicts, adding labels, and selecting project files and languages.

Once your “main” software localization project has been automatically created on the Smartcat translation platform, you have several options that will allow you to import the keys. You can set up an integration using API or CLI tool , or by importing keys via the Smartcat platform (easiest for non-developers).

Here is how you can import keys using the Smartcat user interface:

1. Select collection or create the new one

2. Select the format of your project files and import them. For some file formats, like JSON or YAML, you can import a tree-like key structure, in which case key names will be constructed using the Separator string.

3. Specify how to resolve key conflicts (when the key exists both in the file and in Smartcat, and their values differ).

  • The Skip option will let you keep the values that exist in Smartcat.

  • By selecting Overwrite, you’ll replace the values in Smartcat with the values from your files.

4. Select the labels to be added to your keys. You can choose the free form labels option or let Smartcat auto-generate labels based on the name of the imported file. This will let you easily export the same subset of keys that belong to a particular resource file when needed.

5. Select one or more project files in the previously specified format. Select the language for each file. You’ll be able to import both source texts and their translations. Click Import.