Working with the editor in LQA Review mode


If you are assigned to perform an LQA (language quality assessment) review, working with the document in the editor will differ a bit from regular translation, in the following way:

  1. Your goal will be to assess existing translations, but not make any changes to them. Editor itself will be in a read-only mode, and you will only be able to highlight certain parts of the text and add comments.
  2. Once you’re done working with the segment, you need to mark the segment as complete by clicking on the confirmation button (checkmark). However, you can still add comments after marking the segment as complete. This confirmation is needed only for you to track your progress. Confirmed segments are not saved into any translation memory.

When opening editor in LQA Review mode (either in a project which has only the LQA Review workflow stage, or if you are a linguist assigned to work on the LQA Review workflow stage), you will see a quick animated demo of how to work in this mode. You can click Learn more to open the documentation page you’re currently viewing.

After closing this popup you can later go to this documentation page by following the Learn more about LQA Review mode link located in the top right corner of the editor:

Once in the editor, go through each segment and see if there are any errors or imperfections you want to highlight and categorize. Select on any portion of the translation to see the comment button appear:

Click on it, and you will be able to add a free-form comment (which is optional) and a label (which is required):

When entering the label, Smartcat will present you a list of labels that indicate error type and severity. You can pick one or more labels.

Start typing to reduce the list of labels and find the one faster:

Once you have a label selected, click Add to close the dialog:

Segments that have any comments will have this comment indicator:

You can click on it to go to the Segment comments tab where you can see all of the comments you added, and can delete some comments in case you made any mistake:

Once done working with the segment, click on the confirmation button to indicate your progress through the document


Once you go through all of the segments, Click the Done button in the top right corner of the editor to complete your work. This button will be greyed out until you confirm all the segments.



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