Create custom projects

Creating Custom Projects (Overview)

There are two ways to create translation projects in Smartcat. The first is by creating a quick translation project, where you can easily translate and review your content in a few clicks. Alternatively, you can create a custom project which gives you complete control over every step of the project including project settings, workflow stages, assigning tasks and more.

In this article we will walk you through the typical steps involved in creating custom projects.

Creating a custom project can involve up to six steps, however not all steps are mandatory and will depend on the specifics of your translation project. Below you will find a quick overview of the six steps, and you can click on any of the steps for a full breakdown.

  1. Entering project data. First, fill in basic information about your project, such as name, deadline, department, etc. Though the required actions seem simplistic, this thoughtful approach can help you systematize your translations and streamline workspace navigation.  

  1. Selecting project workflow. Next you should specify the steps of your project fulfillment, whether you need automated translation only, or plan to edit/proofread the texts afterwards. Smartcat offers a variety of template-based flows, but you can always build your own flow and use it as a template in future.

  1. Adjusting pretranslation rules. Third come pre-translation settings that allow you to add translation memories and glossaries to the project and specify how Smartcat should treat their matches. 

  1. Uploading project files. Fourth is uploading files that can have different parsing settings depending on the format.

  1. Customizing project settings. Then you can add a quality assurance check that will let you get professional evaluation of your internal or external translators’ work.

  1. Assigning tasks. And last but not least, start assigning tasks to your teammates and freelancers working on the project right away.


Can I delete one language from a multilingual project?

At the moment, it is not possible to delete a language pair from a multilingual project. One solution is to not assign the tasks associated with this language or recreate a project with the languages needed.

What is the maximum size of files that Smartcat can process?

Smartcat can process files up to 512 MB.