Interact with comments

Discover how to add notes and explanations as comments to documents or specific segments in the Smartcat Editor, a feature that enhances communication and clarity within a translation project.

In the Editor, you can add notes and explanations to the entire document or to a specific segment.

On the Document comments tab, type your message, and press Send or Enter to add a note that applies to the entire text. This could be, for example, instructions from the project managers for the team.

To comment on a specific segment, open the Segment comments tab, type a message and press Send or Enter.

To start a new line within a message, use Ctrl+Enter.

Messages within a document are visible to all users assigned to the document. If another user adds a comment to the entire document or to a specific segment, the corresponding tab is highlighted, as well as the message icon in the source field.

After all new comments to a segment are read the message icon will turn black.

Note: Comments can be deleted by the user for up to 15 minutes after being added. Past that time comments cannot be deleted.

Tip: If you are working with multilingual projects, comments added to segments or the document will be replicated automatically to all languages making it unnecessary for the project manager to repeat information from one language team to the other. So if for example, one translator asks a question about a term, the entire team no matter what language they are translating will see the question and the answer automatically. Project managers should be aware of this feature and use the chat page for private communications.

Structured commenting

Apart from commenting on the whole document or a specific segment, you can also use the structured commenting functionality to annotate a word or phrase or add a quality assurance label.

To add a structured comment, just select the element to annotate.

Type in your comment in a free form and or select/create a quality assurance label to add

You can view your structured comments and labels in the Segment comments section.