Conduct concordance searches

Learn how to use the concordance search feature in Smartcat to find specific translations, with options for searching within project-specific or global translation memories.

As you move from one segment to the next, the system offers you translation matches from the TM. However, you might be seeking the translation of a single word or phrase rather than the entire segment. In such cases, you can use the concordance search by searching the TM for matches containing the word or phrase.

Select the word in the Source or Target field and press the button in the toolbar or Ctrl+K

The word will be copied to the concordance search field, and the Concordance Search tab will display matches from translation memories applied to the project and containing the keyword. Alternatively, you can also type in the word in the Concordance Search tab, select Source or Target, and hit the Search button.

One of the advantages of a tool like Smartcat where the data is centralized is that concordance searches will look in the entire TM, not its local subset. This results in more relevant matches.

To find translations of a word or phrase in any available TMs that are not enabled on the project, use the Global Search tab under Linguistic assets in the main workspace.

Then hit Global concordance and type in a keyword. To figure out a translation memory where the keyword is found, hit the downward arrow to the right of the keyword.