Navigate and use Smartcat workspaces

Discover Smartcat workspace, your one-stop translation hub for managing projects, starting translations, inviting collaborators, creating templates, and navigating through various powerful features and settings.

Discover what Smartcat Workspaces are and understand each workspace feature in this introductory guide.

Your Smartcat workspace is where you manage your entire translation workflow! It's your one-stop translation hub on Smartcat.

Via your workspace, access and monitor every translation project that you and your team are working on, start new translations, set up integrations, invite human translators to collaborate, and much more! It all happens via your workspace.

When you log into your Smartcat account, the first thing that you will see is your workspace home screen.

Creating a new workspace on Smartcat

Your organization may require more than one workspace. For instance, one workspace for your marketing department and another for your HR department. For this reason, we've made it super easy to create and manage multiple workspaces.

Note: workspace creation can only be carried out by workspace admins.

To create a workspace, simply go to the top left of your workspace screen and click on the three dots, which will open a pop-up. Click + Create workspace.

Discover all your translation workspace features

Your Smartcat workspace provides you with so many powerful features, all in one place, to make your translation and localization management as efficient as possible.

Use your Shortcuts section at the top of your workspace to carry out specific workflows, which we go into more detail below.

Translate a document

Clicking on this feature enables you to quickly AI-translate your file(s).

Create a project

Via this option, you can set up a brand new translation project, including name, deadline, your source and target languages, and the type of workflow, including steps such as AI translation and human post-editing.

Software localization

Click on this feature to set up a project that is specifically for software localization. The interface and options are the same as your general Create a project feature.

Set up an integration

Click here to integrate Smartcat with your favorite programs and apps. There are over 30 integrations to choose from, including Figma, Google Workspace, Wordpress, Salsify, Articulate, and many more!

Translate a website

Use this feature to start your website translation.

Create new template (only available on paid Smartcat subscription plans)

Click here to create one of two types of templates: project and service.

Manage your Smartcat workspace via Navigation

Below your shortcuts section, you will see another, entitled Navigation.

This section is your portal to managing your workspace. From overseeing project details to managing and replenishing your Smartwords balance, and from inviting and managing linguists from Smartcat marketplace to generating reports on your translation projects, and much more, Navigation is where to do it all.


View your projects in detail and work on them.


View all team members and invite new collaborators.


Via this option, invite your clients to centralize and streamline translation collaboration.


View, add, and manage your Smartcat integrations.


Manage and view your Smartword balance and usage in more detail. Smartwords enable you to AI-translate on Smartcat.


This is where you can hire professional human linguists to work on your translation projects, all within Smartcat.


Manage your payments to Smartcat Marketplace linguists here.

Linguistic assets

Create, manage and view your linguistic assets here, including translation memories and glossaries.

Workspace settings

Manage the settings for each workspace here, including notifications, project tags, translation profiles, and much more.

Smartcat workspaces are designed to be as fluid, intuitive, and easy to use as possible! They are also designed to be your central, single sign-on translation hub, from where you can manage every single element of your entire translation workflow.