Set up a Salsify integration

Learn how to set up the Smartcat Salsify plugin and how to use it for high-quality product AI translations in seconds and in up to 280 languages, with this step-by-step guide.

The Salsify integration lets you connect Smartcat to your PIM account and automate the translation of your product descriptions.

Setting up the integration

  1. Open your Workspace. Click on the Set up an integration shortcut.

2. Select the Salsify integration from the list.

3. Enter the API key and Organization ID.

4. Find your organization ID in the URL address bar of your browser on any Salsify page. It’s located between /orgs.. and ../record. Copy the ID.

  1. To receive an API key, go to Salsify and open your profile. Select the API access tab and then click into the Show API key. Copy the API key.

  1. Go back to Smartcat and paste the Organization ID and API key. Click Create integration.

Using the Salsify integration

After you connect Salsify to your Smartcat account, you will see your product list.

  1. Select the product details that you want to translate. Use the search filter if needed.

  1. Click on the checkbox for your project. If your product already contains more than one language, select only one source language that you want to translate from.

  1. Hit the Create translation button on the toolbar above the product list.

  1. Create a new project for your translation or use the existing project.

  1. If you choose Create a new project, the dialog window that opens will display the Project Settings. Specify the name, deadline and the source language. Select the target language. You can add as many as you need.

  1. Select a workflow for your project. By default it’s automatic-translation with post-editing combined.

  1. Click on the Integration specific settings. Select the properties of your product that you want to translate. Hit the Create project button

  1. Open Current translation folder. You will see that the translation progress bar displays 50% progress. This means that the AI translation workflow stage is done. Select your translation(s) and click the Send to Salsify button.

  1. To review your translation, open the Smartcat project by clicking the project’s name.

  1. Go to the Files tab and open your file.

  1. Review your translation, which is split automatically into segments. Here, you can make edits. Confirm each segment translation before moving to the next.

  1. After you have finished reviewing and editing your translation, click Done.

  1. Go back to your workspace and click on the Salsify shortcut. Find your project, select it, and click Send to Salsify in the toolbar above. If the changes were made within Salsify, you can use the Get from Salsify button to synchronize changes.

  1. Open your product in Salsify. Check the translated properties within the Salsify platform.