Automatic project archiving


To enhance your working experience and make Smartcat faster for everyone, translation projects that have been completed or inactive for 45 days are automatically archived.


Please note that adding a document to the project or updating the translation is considered an activity, while deleting a document from a project is not, and will not postpone the expiration date.

Retention period

Archived projects and the documents they contain are stored under the Archive tab for another 9 months. During that period, both original and translated documents, as well as the translation memory used in the project, are available for download. Archived documents cannot be opened using the Editor. If you want to resume work on an archived document, download and then re-upload it to create a new project.


Permanent deletion

After the 9-month period, the archived projects and the documents they contain will be permanently deleted. Users with rights to create projects and manage project resources receive a warning email 10 days prior to the deletion date. Please check the notification settings to avoid undesired situations.

However, the translations you’ve accumulated will not be lost, as any translation memory you’ve created manually or automatically will always remain available to you on the My linguistic assets Translation Memory page.


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