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In Smartcat Translation Manager workflow, new translation submission and completed translation import are processed by WordPress CRON service.

CRON is a task scheduler that starts automatically according to specified intervals. Since a PHP script works only when it receives a request, the script has to be run by a service. Wordpress built-in CRON service works only when users visit the website. When there are no visits then tasks are not been processed.

In order to have continuous translation process you need to set up a special CRON job.

Below you can find links leading to instructions on how to add a CRON job at the most popular panels:

Use the following command when adding a CRON job:

wget http://example.com/wp-сron.php

1. How to turn on debug mode

Debug mode in Smartcat Translation Manager activates the Errors table where user can find more details once any problems occurred, and react promptly.

To enable debug mode go to the Settings, Localization.

And check “Debug mode” box.


If you have any problems occurred go to the Errors table that will be available in Localization section.


2. How to view event log

To view the complete event log go to the Settings, Localization, and check “Enable events log” box.


Then open Events in Localization section. In the table, you will find all events logged by Smartcat Translation Manager.


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