We are the first localisation and testing business built to serve the needs of businesses in Asia. We work with companies in Asia to help them serve emerging and traditional markets in Asia. We help Asian-based companies with their language needs for Europe, Middle East and the Americas.

We specialize in linguistic support for the emerging AI Voice Agent field.

We support businesses in Asia going regional and global. Our founders are veterans of the Asian localisation market, having built the largest direct Asian localisation business for a global multi-lingual localisation vendor (MLV).

We believe that the localisation needs of businesses in Asia are changing: new markets are emerging in India, South East Asia, China; more and more Asian businesses are going into European, American and Middle Eastern markets. New technologies are bringing new language challenges and Asian businesses are at the forefront of these innovations.



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Partnership Announcement on Slator

Interview with Richard Delanty from Into23 in Smartcat Blog

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