What's New: November 2021

Release of November 30, 2021

Resolved issues

  • Notifications about failed file export tasks are now shown as expected in a project's Overview tab.
  • The Ctrl+H hotkey that activates the Search and Replace feature now works in all scenarios, not only when the cursor is inside the segment.
  • Clicking the Back button on a project's main page now works as expected.

Release of November 24, 2021

Resolved issues

  • The Post-editing banner has been restored on a project's Overview page for new LSPs.

Release of November 16, 2021


  • From now on corporate customers do not have to send emails requesting an invoice for bank transfer to purchase productivity services, such as Smartwords, OCR, or MTT. The option of paying via bank transfer is now available in the enhanced Checkout details wizard.
  • Subtitling services have been added to the Smartcat platform and can be specified in invoices and  task descriptions. These services include the following: Translation for subtitling, Subtitles translation, and Editing translation of subtitles.
  • The template of the email notifying suppliers of their payouts has been redesigned to provide more accurate information.
  • Starting with this release, stage names in the Stages pane in the Project dashboard tab are not clickable to avoid confusion.

Resolved issues

  • In rare cases, tagged text in an imported XLIFF file could be segmented incorrectly due to tag attributes with erroneously used uppercase letters (e.g., x-html-P instead of x-html-p).
  • Enabling the Select all checkbox on the Files page selected only the currently displayed documents instead of all the existing documents.
  • A number of cosmetic changes were implemented on the Files page to make it more visually appealing and adjust some inconsistencies.
  • Instead of searching for a specific clickable location in a table row in the Files table, the user can now click anywhere in the row to open the corresponding file.
  • Processing a pre-translated XLIFF file could fail unexpectedly at 50%. Smartcat now automatically confirms the segments retrieved from the bilingual files, allowing the user to post-edit the translations or invite suppliers at a later stage.

Release of November 12, 2021


  • Users can now choose the default machine translation (MT) engine to be applied when sending a string for translation via API. This setting is then saved as a Smart Translation profile together with the user-defined profile name and description. To create a new profile, log in as Administrator, navigate to Settings > Smart translation profiles, click Add Smart Translation profile, and provide the required parameters. Each profile obtains an ID that the user then passes in the API call.
  • Suppliers will now receive comprehensive information about their payouts, including the amount and the method applied to calculate it, how it can be found in a bank statement, when it will be approximately credited to their account, and so on:
  • When the Files tab is opened, the project name is now shown in the browser's page title.

 Resolved issues

  • For suppliers with the target language set to a dialect, the rate per word was displayed as zero.
  • In rare cases, adding a new language to a project created through the wizard could fail.

Release of November 09, 2021

Resolved issues

  • Assigned linguists are now able not only to see and insert TM matches, but also confirm segments with inserted matches.
  • The Intermediate results option has been restored in the Download file drop-down list.
  • When the LSP assignment on project tasks enabled option is toggled on for a corporate account, clicking on an LSP profile link in Manage suppliers > Agencies now opens the respective LSP profile in a new tab.

  • Fixed the issue that might prevent displaying the invited suppliers in a project's Overview tab.

Release of November 03, 2021


  • The legacy complex project creation wizard is now disabled for new LSP accounts. When creating a new project from a new LSP account, you will be prompted to create one of the three project types:
    • Translation. Fast: The fastest option. A few seconds after uploading a file, you will obtain its automatic translation formatted like the source document. You can then appoint a specialist to edit it.
    • Start blank, customize!: This option enables you to create a project from scratch and customize each stage into an elaborate combination of automatic and manual tasks.
    • Integrate & streamline: Use this option to connect Smartcat with different content sources and get your content synchronized automatically. 
  • The Search Results grid in the TM editor has undergone some cosmetic changes to improve its look-and-feel.
  • The behavior of the Clear all button in the language selection dropdown has been adjusted as follows:
    • If no option is selected, the button remains disabled
    • If at least one option is selected, the button is enabled
    • Clicking the button deselects all selected options

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