Reference files

Project managers won’t need to waste their time explaining the details of the task to each translator working on the project. Instead, they can attach reference files in the supported formats to an existing project or when creating a new project.

Style guides, mockups, or screenshots (which, by the way, can be added to individual segments by inserting a direct link to the image) — you can now add any materials to the project that will help the translators to avoid mistakes and improve translation accuracy. Reference files will be available to the assignees on the project page.

Reference files

New viewing currency: Chinese yuan

Freelancers from China can now set their rates and receive payment in yuan. As for companies looking to hire Chinese freelancers, they can now see the rates in yuan.

Statistics progress bar

A progress bar indicating the progress of the project statistics calculations has been added to help you determine how long it will take for the data to be processed.

Additionally, we’ve made a few changes in the statistics calculation mechanism to speed up the process.

Statistics progress bar

Detailed description of file import errors

The error message shown when a corrupted file is uploaded now includes detailed information about the cause of the error and its location in the file. Just fix the problem and continue working!

File import error


Services description in the corporate profile

Translation companies can now add more information about their services to their profile. The new Description field is found in the Service card.

If your company is one of the first to develop its own client portal based on our free and open API, you can also enter or update information in the new field through the Smartcat API via the corresponding parameter, using the GET lsp/services method.


The following errors are now history:

  • The author of the revision was not visible.
  • Filenames beginning with a space character could not be uploaded.
  • Upon adding new assignees, the deadline was not specified on the project page.

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