R74+R75: Project Manager role, late payment notifications, “Topic” in the Rocket Mode, XLIFF in Poedit


New role: Project Manager

We’re working on a bunch of new features to help translation project managers reduce their stress levels and increase their productivity. Currently, any account user with the rights to manage resources in all projects can assign a manager to a project under the Team tab.

Assigning a Project Manager

Once the assignee receives the notification email, they can start work immediately. By default, the project manager receives notifications about all changes in the project. However, you can flexibly adjust the notification settings according to your needs in the Notifications section.

Under the Team tab, all project participants can see the list of managers assigned to the project and can instantly contact any of them via the built-in chat feature.

By applying a filter to the projects list, a project manager can quickly find the projects assigned to them. In addition, a senior project manager can track their subordinates’ progress or quickly get a list of projects that no project manager is assigned to yet.

Late payment notifications

Customers who hire freelancers in Smartcat yet fail to pay them within the agreed period will receive reminder emails every 7 days prompting them to proceed with the payment.

The emails will be sent to account administrators, as well as project managers.

We hope that this measure will help translators receive overdue payments without further delay while allowing customers to stay on track with their projects.


New parameter “Topic” in the Rocket Mode

The latest API update has introduced a new parameter for automatically assigning a linguist from your own team members. The request may now contain information about the topic of the document, which increases the likelihood of finding the best fit among your specialists.

Here’s a quick reminder of how the assignFromMyTeam method (aka Rocket mode 🚀) works. All team members matching the request parameters receive an invitation. The first person to accept the invitation is automatically assigned to the document and start working immediately.

Learn more about the assignFromMyTeam method

XLIFF support in Poedit

Our friends at Poedit have recently added support for XLIFF files to their lightweight, easy-to-use and free offline editor for translating interfaces. Both XLIFF 1.2 and XLIFF 2 are supported.

If you plan to work offline, using Poedit can be a great way for you to finish work started in Smartcat. Simply download your unfinished translation as an XLIFF file from Smartcat and open the file in Poedit.

Downloading XLIFF in Smartcat

  • Emails notifications for unread chat messages are now sent correctly.
  • In multilingual projects, segment confirmation doesn’t get canceled randomly anymore.
  • The link from the Translation jobs item in the left-hand menu now opens correctly.

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