Client Portal redesign

We’ve revamped the Client Portal’s look and feel to give it a more modern visual style and make it easier to use both for you and your clients. Check out the new design below.

Client Portal redesign

Calculate word count and create quotes

We’ve added a new feature to our nifty quotation tool allowing you to calculate word count of entire websites in addition to documents and text. We hope this will help you save time when negotiating with customers in need of website content localization, allowing you to send them a quote for your services.

Calculate word count and create quotes

Add detailed quote information

Your project managers will now be able to provide detailed information within quotes they send to clients, such as applicable net rate discounts as well as a breakdown of each service listed.

You can also add information about the amount of work in units like words or characters within non-text files. This way, you will be able to provide your clients with additional clarity regarding the services outlined in the quote you’re sending.

Invoice your clients with ease

Project managers can now create and send invoices to be paid by clients based on an existing quote or by specifying the service(s) you provided as well as their cost and a short description.

This way, once the client settles the invoice, you will receive the money to your account’s balance and will be able to either use the money to pay your suppliers or withdraw it to your bank account.

Check out the new feature on the Client payments page. Keep in mind that your company’s name will be indicated as the beneficiary, while Smartcat’s bank account details will be shown as the payment details to be used by the client.

Project numbering

The new project numbering feature lets you assign a number to any new projects you create. The number you indicate will also be used in the quote for the project if you choose to send one to the client.

Also, users with administrator rights can create a custom template on the Templates page (Settings → Templates → Projects). This way, when creating a new project, you will be able to fill in the “Project number” field based on the set format by clicking “Use template” next to the field.

This feature will help you keep track of projects and quotes, as well as use the same numbering in Smartcat that you use in third-party systems.

Mass revert segments to the previous stage

The Editor now includes a button that allows you to revert all or multiple segments to the previous workflow stage. This way, the editor or manager will be able to return all or some assigned segments to the translator if additional work is needed or the translation quality is unsatisfactory.

  • Fixed an issue where a team couldn’t be assigned via the API if the project contained more than one language.
  • Fixed an issue where the message “Not enough pages for MT” wasn’t shown if there was a lack of MT pages in the user’s account.

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