Multilingual Excel done right

It's not rare that one needs to have both the source and the translation to multiple languages in one and the same Excel spreadsheet. 

Smartcat allows you to translate such files without having to copy and paste the translations into the specified columns manually. Before starting, drop us a line at to check if this feature is enabled for your account.

First, create a project but do not upload any documents yet.


Then set all the project parameters as you normally would:


Select the desired workflow stages and click finish:


After you are all set, it’s time to upload the Excel file you need to have translated into the specified languages.

Change the default parsing method to MultilingualExcel_v2 (If you don't see this method, contact us at so that we could enable it for your account):


Depending on the structure of your Excel document, you can select what columns should be used for what target languages. You can also specify if there are any comments with context or some other useful information:


Remember to click “save”! 

If there is already translation present in the document, you can choose whether you want to keep it or not and if yes, should the linguists be able to edit it:


Click “Finish” and wait for the magic to happen:


You can now assign linguists to the project and after the translation is complete, you’ll have the resulting file with all the translations in place!

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