Local wire transfer in hryvnia

Since April 28, new rules for money transfers have come into effect in Ukraine. Due to this, our payment service provider has changed their operating procedures, forcing us to discontinue the support of the “PrivatBank bank card in UAH” method.

However, a new method “Local wire transfer in UAH (Ukraine)” is now available. If you currently receive payouts to your PrivatBank card using the old method, please switch to the new method and enter the details of the bank account associated with your card.

The good news is that unlike the previously available method, this one allows you to receive payouts in hryvnias to accounts at any Ukrainian bank. You can also choose to receive payouts to Visa or Mastercard cards in dollars or euros, via Payoneer in dollars or euros, or using other available methods.

Card & PayPal payments via the Client Portal for your clients

If you are a translation company using the Client Portal, your clients can now pay you through the Portal by credit/debit card or via PayPal. The money will be credited to your Smartcat balance — you will be able to pay your suppliers with it in a simple and quick way or withdraw it.

Greenlandic, Ingush, Shahmukhi

Following user requests, we’ve added two more languages — Greenlandic and Ingush — as well as the Shahmukhi script used by some Punjabi speakers. If Smartcat doesn’t yet support a language, dialect, or script you use in your work, please let us know and we’ll be sure to add it in one of the next releases.

Chinese in DeepL

DeepL, one of the most advanced machine translation providers on the market, has recently added Chinese (simplified) and Japanese to the list of languages supported by their popular engine.

“The improvements in our neural network architecture [...] have enabled us to achieve translation quality in Japanese and Chinese unlike anything we’ve seen before”, reads the official press release.

You can already use the engine in Smartcat to translate from and into Chinese, along with the 8 other languages supported by the engine. The support of Japanese by DeepL in Smartcat is due to be added soon as well.

DeepL is a paid service that can be purchased in packages from the Productivity services page. However, it is just one option you can choose from when considering an MT engine to use in Smartcat.

Speaking of Chinese, you can try Baidu Translate, GTCOM YeeCloud, and the recently added AISA MT — all tailored to excel in translations into and from Chinese. Also, feel free to use the free Yandex.Translate, as well as the engines developed by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. That’s a total of up to eight different MT engines available to you depending on the language pair — and counting!

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from using the filtering feature in the Editor or caused them to see a blank page.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor issues with the concordance search feature, including occasional freezing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented statistics from being downloaded if too many TMs with long names were connected to the project.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented per-project statistics from being downloaded if there were multiple languages in the project and its name contained invalid characters.
  • Fixed the QA rules for punctuation in Canadian French, such as the rule for spaces before exclamation marks, question marks, semicolons, etc.

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