New workflow stages

One of our current goals is to add more TMS features to our platform making it a go-to solution for all things translation — but not necessarily merely language services.

You can now add transcreation, certified translation, notarization, and legalization to the workflow stages of your projects, as well as track progress and pay for these and other services in one go.

Say, you need to translate a legal document and then notarize it. Upload the document file and simply add the “Notarization” stage after the default “Translation” at the “Workflow stages” step of the project creation wizard. Next, head to the project page and assign someone from your team — or search the Marketplace for a notary by choosing “Notarization” from the “Services” dropdown menu in the filtering panel.

New workflow stages

AISA MT, a new MT engine for Chinese, Indonesian and

We’ve added a new machine translation engine to our already vast MT arsenal — and it will be free to use in Smartcat between May 11 and July 10.

AISA, a technology-driven language services company mainly catering to Southeast Asian customers, is developing its own Neural Machine Translation service that is specifically suited for use in the following language pairs:

  • English ⇄ Chinese,
  • English ⇄ Indonesian
  • English ⇄ Malay

The engine is designed to deliver the best output for content in the Legal, Finance, Technical, and Media domains.

Are these the language pairs and domains you work in? Try it out now or have us help with that!

Payouts via local wire transfers in yuan

Freelancers from China can now choose to receive payouts via local wire transfers. The method is titled “Local wire transfer in CNY (China)” — if you’re a China resident, you’ll find this new method on the “My payouts” page in your account. This method has already proved to be more stable and reliable for Chinese users.

If you’re a translation customer, on the other hand, you can now hire suppliers from China without a second thought because paying them has gotten easier for you.

Please keep in mind that if you’re a freelancer using this method, you will receive an email from our payment services provider Veem before each payout and will need to follow the instructions provided in it in order to accept the payout. You will also need to provide your ID upon the first payout.


A more resilient Editor

Some of our users said they experienced issues with our servers being inaccessible when using the Editor. In rare cases, this caused them to lose the result of their work, so we knew we had to reduce the chance of that happening to a minimum.

It took some effort on our developers’ part but the tests have confirmed that the Editor is much more stable and resilient now, so it’s less likely that you encounter serious problems when using it in the future.


Also, we took the time to debug some of the issues you’ve reported to us, including:

  • Fixed an error that occurred when calculating the statistics for the vendor’s TM in the client’s project.
  • Fixed an error where not all repetitions were accounted for when calculating the price for a job upon updating the document using an XLIFF file.
  • Fixed an error where some pages, such as the Marketplace, Payments, and Assignment, would freeze and not respond.

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