Find the coolest LSPs on the block

In the last few releases, we’ve added a number of updates that allow customers to work with LSPs just the way they do with freelancers — e.g., adding to team, assigning, requesting payments. We know there’s still a long way to go — but we’re very happy with your response to these changes, so we’re giving it our all 💪.

In this release, we made some small but crucial tweaks to help customers find the right LSPs for jobs. In particular, now you can:

  • Find the perfect LSP for a specific project. You can now search translation companies by languages offered, countries, and even cities. So whether you have a project for a specific language pair or need a local partner — the filter pane is your friend!
  • See the most trusted companies at the top of the list. We know that trust is a big issue when working with someone for the first time. To make it less stressful for you, we’re boosting rankings of official Smartcat partners & LSPs who use the platform more extensively. These are companies that have proven their diligence and tech-savviness more than once, so your chances of having a smooth experience with them are even higher.
  • Comfortably browse through dozens of vendors with infinite scrolling. No more clicking back and forth!

Be the coolest LSP on the block!

The benefits the update brings to LSPs are a reflection of those for customers:

  • Get found for specific projects. Now that Smartcat has a native mechanism to hire LSPs, you can expect many more invitations for specific projects, based on the language pairs you work with and your location. Make sure you complete your profile so you don’t miss out on new clients!
  • Get to the top of the list with our partnership & portal. It’s hard for customers to trust people they haven’t worked with before, so we’re boosting rankings of official Smartcat partners & Client Portal users, as these are companies that have proven their diligence and platform savviness.
  • You’ll gain visibility: with infinite scrolling in the search, even companies that are far from the top of the list will now get more views.

More freelancers

We made some secret moves, thanks to which there are now many more freelancers for you to choose from — for popular pairs, the increase can be tenfold! Not a single project will be left unattended anymore ✊.

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