Why it is required to pay and communicate via Smartcat

Smartcat is more than just a translation tool — its built-in billing and payout features allow Smartcat users to pay and get paid worldwide.

According to our rules, when a client and a freelancer find one another on the Smartcat Marketplace, payments for all work that follows must be made only via Smartcat.

This helps us ensure secure storage of user data, including payment information, and gives both sides several advantages:

  • Clients can pay easily holding control over payments while saving money and time thanks to the simplicity and robustness of the system.
  • Freelancers can receive earnings using their preferred method and get quick access to their balance and payment history, though the most important is that Smartcat compensates jobs that have not been paid whatever the reason is. That is, Smartcat guarantees that freelancers from the Smartcat Marketplace will get paid for their hard work.

These benefits are not available to Smartcat users who pay or get paid outside Smartcat. Also, it's worth noting that communicating outside Smartcat can threaten the confidentiality of sensitive information as it means greater risk of phishing, data theft, and other forms of fraud.

As stated in our Terms of Use, to users who violate them and pay outside Smartcat for jobs of freelancers found on the Smartcat Marketplace may be limited access to some features like access to the Smartcat Marketplace since the violation.

Be cautious and never share your bank card or other payment details in Chat conversations or via any other way. Please report any suspicious messages where you’re asked to pay or get paid outside Smartcat, attach a screenshot of such a message, and send it to support@smartcat.ai.

Please remember that Smartcat always stands by you and works for your success. 

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