Getting started with Smartcat API

Getting access to the API

Smartcat API is available for companies and not available for freelance accounts. To get your API credentials, go to the Settings → API

Generate an API key (you can create multiple keys) and use it (as a password) with your account ID (as a user name) to access the API.

Making requests to the API

What methods are available?

A complete list of API methods is available here.

Where should the requests be sent?

For example, the full URL for a Project List Request will look like this: 

Authorization & authentication

All methods require authentication. The primary authentication scheme used is Basic Authentication. A following header must be prepended to each request: Authorization: Basic Key, where Key is the Base64 encoded "userName":"password" string.

See also Smartcat integration 101

Project ID

Smartcat project ID is the unique identifier of a project. It consists of 36 characters (including hyphens)  and is assigned automatically when the project is created in Smartcat.

To get the ID, open the project page and copy the part of the address line after “/project/”:


PHP client

Yes, there is also a PHP client that you can try out. Do these simple steps to become a Smartcat API PHP hero:

  1. Download a composer
  2. Download the latest PHP package (or at least >=5.6) for installing the composer if you still haven't gotten one
  3. Once the composer is ready, get the smartcat/smartcat-api package, and you are ready to go 

If you are unsure where to start next, check our GitHub for some PHP use cases.


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