R59 Bolivia: Setting TM for reading in reverse direction, TMX export mode, additional freelancer services and more

  • TMs can now be set for reading in reverse direction.
  • You can now manage your integration API account.
  • TMX export mode and compatibility with SDL Trados mode added.
  • You can now see information about the stage at which the changes to the segment were made in the exported bilingual DOCX file.
  • Tibetan language added.
  • DOCX parsing now includes subject index.
  • You can now add more services to your freelancer profile including desktop publishing, project management, interpreting and more.
  • Redesigned the popup shown after connection of a TM in the project creation wizard and at the project page.
  • Search by name was moved to the filtering panel.
  • Redesigned the job list at the customer’s payment page.
  • Removed breadcrumbs and added the “Webinar” link to the question-mark menu.
  • Issues on the segment assignment page.
  • False positives for the duplicate capitals error.
  • Issue with segments changing to unconfirmed with some repetition settings.
  • Issue with duplicate tags.
  • Issue with notification not showing after an assignment is created.
  • Issue with a QA error not showing in the multiuser mode (without page refresh).
  • New method GET /API/integration/v1/client which returns client model and their net rate (whole model).
  • New method GET /API/integration/v1/directory добавлен type=net_rates
  • New method POST /API/integration/v1/client/set/netrate
  • Added the clientId parameter to the returnable TM model /API/integration/v1/translationmemory/{tmId}.
  • Optional parameter “clientId” added to the method /API/integration/v1/translationmemory.

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