R61 Australia: ZIP uploads, job posting at project creation, updated rule for page calculation and more

  • You can now upload ZIP archives and batch-download translated documents retaining the original folder structure.
  • You can now post a job ad when creating a new project by simply ticking “Post on Job Board” in the final screen of the project creation wizard.
  • You can now measure translatable volume in pages, one page being equal to 1800 characters including spaces.
  • Google Neural Machine Translation now supports 14 more languages.
  • Microsoft Translator now supports Afrikaans, Bengali, Filipino, and Swahili.
  • You can now create custom tasks for freelancers in your Team.
  • Moldavian language added.
  • You can now download statistics in XLSX format.
  • Smartcat is available in two more languages: Turkish and Chinese.
  • You can now work with MIF (Adobe FrameMaker), Help+Manual, and XML Topic (beta) documents.
  • Lilt disabled for freelancer accounts.
  • HTML files are now divided into smaller segments as it is done in Trados.
  • When uploading XLIFF files, only segments with certain statuses are confirmed by default.
  • Uniform ObjectId in GridFS.
  • Glossary terms don’t remain highlighted after moving on to another segment anymore.
  • Concordance search works properly in all accounts.
  • TMX files can be re-imported correctly.
  • After setting a translation memory for writing, you won’t need to refresh the page.
  • When splitting documents, unassigned freelancers don’t get unassigned anymore.
  • After confirming freelancer settings in the project, Error 500 won’t show up anymore.
  • When uploading documents via the API, placeholders can now be configured.
  • The cursor won’t be skipping to the next segment whenever it’s next to a tag at the beginning of the line.
  • Placeholder configuration for documents added via API.
  • New externalTag project parameter to store your project’s name, ID, or tag from an external project management system.

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