Creating a new project

Here, we provide you with a brief description of how to create a project. 

To upload documents for translation, go to the Projects or My tasks section.


Click + icon or Create New Project button.

Drag the files that you want to translate onto the screen (or press Select to locate the files on your computer).

If you have a translation memory or reference files, you can add them along with the files for translation.


Click Next.


Select the source language and the target languages, that is, the languages you want the documents to translate into.

If you have opted for machine translation, check the Use machine translation box.


To set up translation memories, glossaries, or quality assurance, toggle the Advanced Settings switch.


Please note that the third step is only available for users of corporate accounts. If you work in a personal account, complete the creation of the project in the second step.

You can add several tasks to your workflow, for example: translation and editing. To do that, click on these tasks to select them, or drag them to the list, or else select a suitable template.


You can also toggle the Pretranslation switch to set up pretranslation rules.

Press the Finish button.

Congratulations! You have created a new project. :)

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