New navigation FAQ

Do you have questions about the new Smartcat homepage and layout? Check out some helpful questions below:

Q: Why did you change the navigation and the key product pages?
A: We believe that the new homepage and its navigations, with all the key features and information at a glance and always at hand, is more convenient for our users. This will help you to understand and get familiar with the product faster.

Q: Did any Smartcat functionality change in addition to the new homepage and navigation?
A: Nope! All the translation, management, and payment processing options haven’t changed. We didn’t remove anything that will have an impact on your ongoing projects. The overview is simply better and more intuitive.

Q: Is the Manager/Individual view still available?
A: You can access all functions and features from the homepage, no matter what your role is.

Q: I represent a translation agency. How will the new navigation impact my workflows?
A: Your workflows remain the same. You will be able to see your clients, linguistic assets, projects, and team (whether colleagues or translators from our Marketplace) in one spot, while still enjoying the same automated workflows that ensure speed and productivity.

Q: Can I create blank projects like before?

A: Yes! This option is still available but under a different name. To create a blank project, choose “Create a custom project” on the homepage and fill in all the data. If you also want to create a custom translation workflow, you can do so when selecting the workflow type.

Do you still have more questions? Feel free to contact us via We are always happy to help.

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