Customizing your branded Client Portal

If you have purchased a subscription, you will have the option to customize the design of the portal. The standard Smartcat portal looks like the screenshot below:


On the other hand, it is possible to customize the portal using your logo, colors, and fonts to match the overall look of your corporate site. For example:


Your customer success representative can provide you with a list of the information that we need to complete the customization process. Here are some details that we will need for your branded portal:

  • The primary URL to your company website. Example:
  • The domain (a subdomain of the primary domain used for your website) you would like to use for the portal. Example:
  • Contact information like phone and email
  • Colors you want to use for the portal, literary every button can be colored according to your wish, by using the HEX colors values (Example: #C71585). You can use a tool like to get Hex values if you do this for the first time
  • You’ll also have to set up a CNAME record on your DNS server for the portal domain. We will help you if you don't know how :)
  • Some other details like links to your ToU and Privacy Policy if exist or a deadline calculation formula


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