Create integrations with your favorite tools

Discover how to create integrations with Smartcat to automate content exchange between your preferred CMS and various design and development tools.

Smartcat Integrations let you automate content exchange between the CMS or any design or developer tools you use.

This means that Smartcat automatically downloads the content to be translated, and pushes the translations back the same way or on-demand.

Benefits of using Smartcat integrations

  • You don’t have to juggle dozens of source files and strings, and can avoid costly mistakes;

  • You spend less time updating translations on your website or inside the app;

  • Localization testing of software apps gets smoother. 

Types of Integrations

Currently Smartcat offers:

  • Integrations with full automation support. These integrations can upload the content you select during setup, generate translation requests, check for content updates, and send the translations back to your tool without any need for human intervention at predetermined intervals.  

  • Real-time translation via API. Extensions allowing you to translate any content from desktop apps, browsers, and more on the fly by sending the content to Smartcat and back using API requests.

  • Integrations with manual synchronization. Integrations that require selecting and sending the documents for translation to Smartcat manually.

Setting up an integration

To set up an integration you need to:

  1. Select the corresponding shortcut on the homepage.

2. Select the needed integration from the list.

3. Follow the system instructions.

The full list of integrations is available on this page.