Understand automated quality checks

Discover Smartcats error checking feature that detects and suggests corrections for translation errors in spelling, punctuation, terminology, and more within the Editor's QA check section.

Smartcat automatically checks translation and spots errors in spelling, punctuation, terminology, consistency and formatting.

Detected errors are displayed in the Editor and are indicated with a warning sign.

The full list of errors for a specific segment is available in the QA check section.

Correcting errors

You can correct detected errors yourself. After the text is changed and segment is confirmed the error disappears.

You can also use system suggestions. The system underlines spelling errors in the translation. Right-click the underlined word to select a replacement, or add an exception to the spellcheck dictionary.

You can add and remove exceptions using the button in the toolbar that opens the so-called custom dictionary.

If you want to ignore the detected error, just confirm the segemnt and the warning sign will disappear.

Note: There's an option to ignore a QA error (in the QA check section). It is only available to the project participants who have been assigned a translation task. Project managers cannot select that option.

Tip: It is good practice for the translators to clear all the warnings in a file by either correcting the errors or ignoring false positives before they mark the task as done. Very often, the project manager does not speak the target language and will not be able to determine if warnings that have been left in the document are not real errors.