Invoice clients

Discover how Smartcat simplifies global business growth for translation companies by facilitating invoice generation, managing corporate balances, and enabling multi-currency client payments, all in a single platform.

Sometimes it happens when a client does not have any option to pay the translation company for the work done because of financial barriers, which leads to a loss of money and a missed opportunity to expand the company's business network.

Thanks to Smartcat, you may cover almost all the globe and grow naturally. Generating invoices either with your or Smartcat payment details (right on the corporate balance) and sending them via email to the end of the earth is a matter of minutes with Smartcat. In addition, the corporate balance will link incoming payments and payouts to the team. Indeed, there's also an option to withdraw money from the Smartcat balance to your bank account, thus leaving an amount fit for payouts.

Adding payment details

To get started, add the company details both for operations with balance and for direct payments to your bank account. You can specify several sets of details to receive direct payments in different currencies.

Creating an invoice

To issue an invoice, you need to go to the Client payments section and click the Issue invoice button.

Then a form for filling in the details of a client and the company will become available.

  • The client fields will be filled with the information from a client card, or you can set a brand-new client that, after filling in the fields in the form, will be added to the client list.

  • The system pulls bank account information depending on what details you have selected for receiving the payment.

Adding services in an invoice

On the second step of creating an invoice, you can use services from quotes calculated for the projects where this particular client is set or add a service manually.

After adding all the necessary services into an invoice, click on the Create invoice button. Voila! The invoice is ready to go. The last thing to do is to send the invoice to the client by email directly through Smartcat or download and print the invoice if a non-digital copy is required.

Perhaps the fact that Smartcat is an all-in-one solution for a translation company allows effectively using all features of the system for your benefit. The system seamlessly gathers information from projects, client cards, and payment section and wrap in up into an invoice facilitating the billing management. Having all the data in one place makes keeping invoices, clients, and projects in a neat order an easy walk.

By the way, your clients can pay invoices to your corporate balance in a currency that you couldn't accept on your end before, for example, Canadian dollars. Paying for the work of your suppliers from the corporate balance takes less than a moment without any fees.


My Profile was previously hidden from the marketplace because of my violations, can I apply for compensation by Smartcat for the projects, where the Clients had not paid to me?

You had violated the Supplier Agreement and had broken the job quality requirements for several times. Your profile was previously hidden from the marketplace (we have informed you about it earlier) because we have to provide high quality services, expected by our Clients.

Freelancers whose profile was hidden cannot receive invitations to new projects from Smartcat customers.

However, they’re still able to:

  1. Work for clients who previously hired them and are satisfied with the quality of their work

  2. Use the Editor to work on projects they got from customers outside of Smartcat

  3. Invoice their current clients

  4. Receive payment for projects they have completed

Smartcat does not compensate the jobs done before and after the date your profile was hidden, because of bad quality of these services.

Contact your clients via chat to ask all the questions about the actual project statuses and payments.