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Discover the functionalities of Smartcat AI, an advanced translation and localization platform leveraging AI technology for efficient project management.

Introducing Smartcat AI, a cutting-edge translation and localization platform that harnesses the power of advanced AI technology and customizable workflows to revolutionize your translation projects. With Smartcat, you can access a suite of AI Translation features, including standard translation engines, automated OCR for PDFs and images, generative AI translation with terminology control, and AI quality measurement.

Smartcat also offers AI-driven workflows for sourcing linguists, project monitoring, and enterprise-compliant procurement, all fully customizable to your specific needs. This comprehensive platform supports resource management, integrations, reporting and analytics, access control, and data security, ensuring a seamless and secure translation process. Whether you're an individual translator, a language service provider, or an enterprise, Smartcat is your ultimate solution for efficient, high-quality translation and localization.

Discover Smartcat's functionality below:

Smartcat AI

AI Translation : Smartcat leverages cutting-edge AI technology to enhance translation capabilities. The AI Translation feature encompasses the following:

Standard Translation Engines: Smartcat employs powerful standard translation engines to assist in translating content efficiently and accurately.

Automated OCR to Translate PDFs and Images : Easily translate text from PDFs and images with Smartcat's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, saving you time and effort.

Generative AI Translation with Terminology Control: Maintain precise terminology by utilizing generative AI translation with the ability to align with glossaries.

Generative AI Translation Customization: Customize AI-generated translations to suit your specific needs and preferences.

AI Quality Measurement (Automated Translation Quality Scoring): Ensure translation quality with automated scoring, allowing you to track and improve the quality of your translated content.

AI Multimedia Translation : Smartcat offers multimedia translation capabilities, including video/audio transcription, subtitle embedding, and AI voiceovers.

Multilingual AI Content Generator : Generate content in multiple languages efficiently and effectively using AI-powered tools.

AI Human Workflows

Smartcat introduces AI-driven workflows that streamline translation processes and project management:

Sourcing of Linguists : Easily find and engage qualified linguists for your projects, ensuring top-notch translation quality.

Project Monitoring: Keep a close eye on project progress, milestones, and timelines through intuitive monitoring tools.

Enterprise-Compliant Procurement Platform : Smartcat provides an enterprise-compliant procurement platform, making it simple to manage and secure translation resources.

Workflow Customization: Enjoy flexibility with customizable workflows tailored to your specific project needs. Smartcat is not limited by your Smartwords Balance, allowing you to adapt workflows to your requirements.

Configurable Workflows: Smartcat enables you to configure workflows precisely as needed, optimizing your translation processes.

Translator Assignment Templates : Streamline translator assignments with predefined templates, improving efficiency and consistency.

Project Templates : Utilize project templates to quickly set up new translation projects with predefined parameters.

Branded Custom Portal: Offer predefined translation services to your employees through a branded custom portal, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Linguistic Quality Assurance (Embedded in Workflows) : Ensure linguistic quality assurance is an integral part of your translation workflows, guaranteeing top-quality translations.

Enterprise-Compliant Procurement Platform

Resource Management : Efficiently manage your translation resources with Smartcat's resource management features.


API Access : Smartcat provides API access for seamless integration with external systems and applications.

Standard Integrations: Enjoy out-of-the-box integration options for a smoother workflow.

Custom Integrations : If your needs go beyond standard integrations, Smartcat offers custom solutions tailored to your content types and workflows.

Reporting & Analytics

Standard BI Reports: Access standard Business Intelligence reports for insights into your translation projects.

API Access to Data Warehouse : Connect to your data warehouse through API access for in-depth data analysis.

Custom Project Properties and Reporting: Customize project properties and reporting to align with your specific requirements.

Access Control and Security

Single Sign-On (SAML-based SSO) : Enhance security and ease of access with Single Sign-On using SAML-based authentication.

Data Security : Prevent linguistic resources from downloading, copying, or retaining data outside of the Smartcat platform, ensuring data security and compliance.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager : Benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will provide support and guidance to optimize your Smartcat experience.

Custom MSA (Master Services Agreement): Customize your Master Services Agreement to meet your unique needs.

Custom Implementation : Smartcat offers custom implementation services, including needs assessment and deployment by solutions engineers, to optimize all your localization workflows.

In summary, Smartcat is a comprehensive platform that caters to a wide range of translation and localization needs, utilizing advanced AI technology and customizable workflows to enhance efficiency and quality. Whether you're an individual translator, a language service provider, or an enterprise, Smartcat provides the tools and services necessary to streamline your translation projects effectively.

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What languages are supported in Smartcat?

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