Preset user roles

Every corporate account user has certain rights. When adding a user to your corporate account you can choose one of the preset roles:

  • Linguist
  • Resource Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Administrator
  • Language Leads

Linguists can only view and work with projects and documents according to tasks assigned to them. A linguist cannot edit project resources. If a glossary is connected to the project, all terms added by the Linguist have to be confirmed.

In addition to the tasks assigned to them, Resource Managers can work directly with TMs and glossaries (add and edit terms, or import or export them). Like Linguists, Resource Managers can only view projects assigned to them, without deleting them or adding new projects.

Project Managers have more rights and can add new projects and work with all of the projects within the account regardless of who they were created by, edit project settings and resources and work with account resources, like Resource Managers.

Administrators have all available rights. Only administrators create new user groups, manage paid services and vendors.

Language leads is a dedicated manager on your team who will be able to freely alter content for given languages.


You can also create your own access level and choose custom rights.

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