How we ensure the security of storing payment data

When you enter your credit card information in Smartcat, the data is not actually sent to us but goes directly to servers of our payment service partners.

All our payment partners are PCI DSS certified. Such a certificate means that the company’s security systems have passed specific individual tests. PCI DSS-certified companies have organizational and technical security policies: data is stored in encrypted form, data access is limited, and registration logs are kept safely.

Data encryption

Your password and personal data are not available to third parties. Access to Smartcat is carried out over a secure connection encrypted over HTTPS/TLS protocols. Your data gets transmitted to our servers by a 256-bit encrypted SSL connection. We use TLS 1.2 encryption to protect payment data at the transport level while using 2048-bit RSA keys at the application level.

How do I protect my account?

  • Never share your bank card details, such as a PIN, CVV, or CVV2 with anyone.
  • Never give your Smartcat account password to anyone and consider changing it regularly.
  • Make sure that you receive email notifications about money transfers to your Smartcat account, as well as payouts via your preferred method.
  • Enable SMS alerts for transactions and other activities on your bank account.

I’m still hesitant about giving my payment info to Smartcat. How do I get my earnings?

Issue a separate physical or virtual bank card and use it solely for receiving payments from Smartcat. Many banks offer virtual cards, which can be used for online payments, just like an ordinary plastic card would.

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