Компания ЭГО Транслейтинг


EGO Translating Company is a leading Russian language service provider. The company offers a full range of linguistic services and is the only translation company on the Russian market to have a dedicated department for handling classified documentation certified by the Russian Federal Security Service.

EGO Translating Company provides translation services in 88 languages, covering 50 sectors of economy, with a team of 205 full-time and over 2,000 freelance specialists — account and project managers, interpreters, translators and editors, DTP specialists, proofreaders, language instructors, etc.

The company’s quality control system has been certified to the international standard ISO 9001:2008. According to the independent consulting agency Common Sense Advisory, EGO Translating Company is the second largest language service provider in Russia, ranking the 4th in Eastern Europe and the 56th in the world.




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