What's New: March 2022

Release of March 29, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • If no reference files have been uploaded to a subtitles translation project, you can upload videos from the In-context preview tab on the Editor page.

  • While working on a subtitles translation project, you can now view targets in the context preview.

Resolved issues

  • Misspelled words are now highlighted if the translation is a language with a dialect.

  • The Translation Memory management process has been adjusted to register the words that have been confirmed in pre-translate rules.

Release of March 25, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • The Productivity services section in the Smartcat Platform has been renamed to Smartwords

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue that inserted an incorrect target value in the editor page and the translation memory after updating the document.

Release of March 23, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • As part of our unrelenting effort to include every conceivable language and dialect to the Smartcat Platform, the following new additions are now available:

    • Arabic (Israel)
    • Bhojpuri
    • Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional, Simplified PRC, Simplified Singapore, Traditional Hong Kong, Traditional Macau, Traditional Taiwan)
    • Dzongkha
    • Garo (Bengali, Latin)
    • Kanauji
    • Karen
    • Kashmiri (Arabic, Devanagari)
    • Khasi
    • Madurese (Arabic, Javanese, Latin)
    • Maithili
    • Meitei Bengali, Latin, Meitei)
    • Mizo
    • Saraiki
    • Spanish (Chile)
    • Shan

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from configuring a Google Docs integration. In rare cases, clicking Try it now on the integration description page redirected them to the list of available integrations instead of opening the integration settings. 

Release of March 15, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • This release introduces more enhancements to the new Smartcat editor. To make it uncluttered and easily manageable as possible, the Tools Panel is now collapsed by default. You may partially or fully expand it, if required. If you close the editor while the Tools Panel is expanded, it will remain expanded upon reopening.

  • You can now enjoy the benefits of the new Smartcat editor while keeping the previous design at one click's length. To get the best of both worlds, use the New design toggle in the top-right corner of the editor:

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