What's New: February 2022

Release of February 22, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • To further increase fluency and accuracy of machine translations, Smartcat has added Google NMT (Neural Machine Translation) to its impressive selection of supported engines.

Release of February 17, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • Users who upload pre-segmented file formats like XLIFF can now benefit from per-sentence segmentation. The new option Additionally segment untranslated units is enabled by default for all newly uploaded XLIFF files.

Release of February 9, 2022

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue related to tags in imported XLIFF files. Due to this issue, tags that appear both in the source and the target sections of an XLIFF file were shown only in the source after the file was imported.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented running the pretranslation with confirmation if the project workflow included the Source Layout Check stage.

  • When splitting or merging segments, incorrect list indexing could cause error messages. This issue is now fixed, and error messages in this scenario do not appear.
  • Resolved an issue that caused incorrect insertion of text with tags after copying.
  • Starting from this version, line breaks are allowed in project comments edited through the project settings.
  • Fixed an issue that disrupted the segment numbering after filtering.

Release of February 2, 2022

New features and enhancements

  • The brand-new Smartcat for Developers portal is designed to provide comprehensive and intuitively structured documentation to those who want to integrate with Smartcat. You will learn how to:

    • Integrate your CMS with Smartcat by using built-in connectors

    • Use our cross-platform command-line tool to quickly set up localization automation without having to work directly with our APIs

    • Harness our REST API that provides atomic methods and access to different objects and properties of your account, allowing you to implement the integration exactly the way you need it, and in any programming language.

  • To save time for manual calculations, Service Buyers can now immediately check the cost of a task if the specific freelancer from Suggestions is assigned to it. Hovering over the automatically calculated cost displays the details in the popup similar to the following:

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