What's New: September-October, 2021


Release of October 22, 2021

  • A topical issue of payouts is now handled by Smartcat with maximum clarity, transparency, and attention to freelancers' needs. The new page Payout history has been completely revamped and redesigned to display summarized information about remitted payments, deducted fees, transaction status, payment method, transaction ID, and payout date. 
    - The Payout history page currently contains data not earlier than May 11, 2021.
    - The legacy Payout history page is still available under the title Job statuses.

  • This release introduces significant enhancements to the process of inviting freelancers to tasks in your projects. If a project includes any stages besides Automatic translation, Smartcat will automatically select and list recommended suppliers for each of those stages.
    You just need to review the candidates and click Invite to task for those you would like to hire. 
  • The term "team members" has been replaced with the more friendly and pertinent term "teammates".
  • The behavior of the Clear all button in the language selection dropdown has been adjusted as follows:
    - If no option is selected, the button remains disabled
    - If at least one option is selected, the button is enabled
    - Clicking the button deselects all selected options 
  • The mechanism of saving XML files has been enhanced to exclude line ending related errors.

Release of October 19, 2021

  • Machine translation (MT) segments exported from an XLIFF file are now more precisely tagged and indicated in the CAT panel. You can at a glance distinguish between TM segments with superior quality and raw MT segments that require review and probably editing.
  • Smartcat now accepts subscription payments via Stripe's Card Checkout for all regions, except Russia.
  • The document pre-translation progress bar has been redesigned to avoid an overlap with the link to editor.
  • The integration project creation workflow has been stabilized to ensure that a user does not encounter any confusing error messages.
  • The file export drop-down list has been redesigned to make the entire button space clickable for the options XLIFF, Bilingual DOCX and Multilingual CSV.

Release of October 14, 2021

Project overview

  • If a project does not include any files, the View statistics option remains hidden in the project overview dropdown.

  • In case you have enough OCR pages to process the project files, the translation will progress until completed.
    Otherwise, you will be notified that the balance was insufficient to complete the job and prompted to top up your balance.
    Once the balance is topped up you will be able to relaunch the process.
  • The Tasks page now becomes available only after machine translation (MT) or the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process is completed.

Project management

  • To accelerate the work on a project that includes more than one document, a Project Manager can split the project scope by moving one or several incomplete documents to a new task and assigning it to a different linguist.
    To do it, in the Tasks tab, click Split scope, select the documents to be moved to a new task, and then confirm that you would like to create a new task. Moving a document will revoke its current assignment(s). All the existing payables will be saved in the original task.
  • In previous versions, Smartcat showed recommended freelancers for translations from English only. For other ten most frequent language pairs, Smartcat would also show recommendations from a predefined list of freelancers. Starting from this version, for any other language pair Smartcat will now recommend the top five freelancers from the Marketplace.


  • This release introduces a new process for the creation of an integration-based project. As opposed to the previous process where an integration was configured for an empty project, the new process incorporates the integration configuration into the project creation flow.
    Selecting the Integrate & streamline project type in the new project creation wizard displays the list of all available integrations. Clicking Connect in any integration tile opens the respective integration settings. When the required parameters are provided and the integration is up and running, you are prompted to specify the source and target languages and the content to be translated.  
  • The new integration Git for Android Apps enables you to connect to your Git repository and translate native Android apps (XML resources) into any language.

CAT Editor

  • The Translation Memories (TM) editor is now available, allowing you to filter TMs by contextId, source text, or translation. You are now able edit translations and delete TM units altogether.
  • To reduce the number of warning and alerts during the translation process, the missing tag check severity is now non-critical.


Release of October 11, 2021

  • The integrations with Contentful and Zendesk now enable you to determine the status of articles translated in Smartcat and pushed back to Zendesk or Contentful. By default, new articles acquire the Draft status to allow for their review and approval before publishing. However, if a translation is already finalized in Smartcat, you can opt for its immediate publishing by enabling Publish automatically in the integration settings.

  • The integrations with Contentful and Zendesk have been enhanced to assign meaningful names to the translation documents created in Smartcat. These names now include the first heading encountered in the source document.

Release of October 05, 2021

  • If you invoke automatic translation, a detailed description is now provided, explaining what this stage involves and suggesting a recommended course of action.
  • A new version of the Smartcat-Bitrix extension is now available at the Bitrix Marketplace. 
    Bitrix is a user-friendly and scalable collaboration software with complete tools for management, collaboration, and communication that can power up your site, shop, or blog.
  • Upon creation of a new corporate account, the new wizard and the new flow are enabled by default.

Release of September 30, 2021

  • As we're making our Smartwords even more powerful, we have added an ability to process your PDF and image documents through OCR at no charge; you will be only consuming Smartwords on your balance when performing the translation of these documents. For this feature to work, you need to have enough Smartwords on you balance to perform translation of the document.
    If your account has not migrated to Smartwords yet, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Learn more about Smartwords in our Smartwords FAQ.
  • An upgraded version of Smartcat's XLIFF parser that was developed to process translations of Articulate Rise 360 e-learning courses is now generally available to all Smartcat customers. The new parser improves TM and MT performances because of the better custom segmentation, thus leading to lower cost. It provides better compatibility with Articulate Rise with fewer import/export errors. In addition, easier post-editing with simplified display of the information in the editor is a surefire time-saver.
    If you have a file in the Rise XLIFF format, just upload it to Smartcat and proceed with the default parsing settings. The system will automatically detect Rise XLIFF and handle it accordingly.
  • With Drupal 8 reaching its end-of-life in 2021, we made sure you can migrate to Drupal 9 and continue using Smartcat as your trusted localization partner. 
    The Smartcat-Drupal extension links your Drupal website to a Smartcat account and pushes the content for translation upon request. After the translation is done in Smartcat, it is automatically pulled back into Drupal.
  • To help you immediately assess the amount of work completed versus remaining, you can now view a document's word count by hovering over the progress bar in the Files tab:
  • Performance summary report is now available for all EC accounts as part of their Smartcat subscription. The report provides a detailed overview of translation volumes, costs and savings and enables better, data-driven management decisions. Learn more in the Reports section.
  • New users are in for a nice surprise if they sign up to Smartcat with a corporate email. This routine operation earns them 15,000 Smartwords. To make sure that this gift is duly received, we have added a tooltip prompting users to sign up with a corporate email:
  • Turkish local wire transfer payout method has been made easier to process.



  • Fixed the issue that prevented starting Machine Translation from the popup notifying the user about the pages balance replenishment.
  • Resolved several minor issues related to export of XLIFF/SDLXLIFF/MQXLIFF files.
  • Fixed some issues that could be encountered when using the WPML integration for importing files to Smartcat.  
  • Folder view mode is now working correctly for every type of the project creation workflow.
  • The translation progress bar is now automatically updated after the pretranslation process completion.
  • In rare cases, the Smartcat-Bitrix connector generated new translation blocks that contained only the source content. 
  • After uploading a ZIP file into a machine translation project, an attempt to export a specific file could result in the "Project does not contain external package" error. Another related issue could prevent the export pop-up from being updated if another export was requested.
  • The format of project links that clients send to Smartcat support has been adjusted to ensure the redirect to the corresponding account.
  • Reverting all or multiple segments to the previous workflow stage in the CAT editor now works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with our Chrome Extension that prevented it from working completely.
  • Toggling on the top-level checkbox in the project files list now selects all the files in the project.
  • Fixed the issue that might have prevented a user from generating an invoice for a very large number of jobs.
  • The document status in the Files tab is now clickable and editable. Clicking on it, opens a drop-list of available status, allowing you to choose the appropriate option.
  • The warning that prompts the user to provide a project name has been redesigned to be consistent with other similar elements.
  • Adding a new language to a project with Machine Translation (MT) enabled, now automatically launches MT.
  • In previous versions, an incorrectly specified locale in a downloaded TMX file could cause the download failure. Such errors are now ignored and TMX files are downloaded successfully.
  • If a new project does not include any files, the Statistics option will not appear in its Settings drop-down menu.

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