Updates released on 24.09.2021

  • To find suppliers for a project task more efficiently, we have added the Manage suppliers button to the Invite team members dialog. Clicking the button opens the Manage suppliers window where you can search among your team members and Marketplace freelancers. The suppliers best fit for your task can be immediately added to the shortlist.

  • The names of tabs in the editor panel may not always be displayed in their entirety. To avoid confusion, these names now appear also in tooltips that are displayed when you hover over a tab:

  • To ensure that no minor errors or omissions slip into your translations, we have enhanced the project workflow by automatically launching the Post-Editing stage when a translation is 100% ready. This change rendered the Add post-editing button obsolete:

  • When registering with your corporate email, you will automatically obtain a thank-you gift of 15,000 Smartwords and the respective notification will appear on the registration page.

  • You will find it much easier to work with OCR pages after we've added detailed notifications about the process itself and the status of your OCR balance:

  • The fields (parameters) that can be edited on the Project Dashboard page have been redesigned for better visibility:

  • Japanese Yen (JPY) has been added to the currency options in the Smartcat account details
  • The Smartcat public API has been expanded to include methods for the export of per-segment statistics
  • If an uploaded file cannot be processed, clicking on it redirects the user to the external workflow stages page.  

Updates released on 17.09.2021

Revamp of the Files tab

The Files tab in project details has been completely redesigned to allow for the representation of project files in a flat list view or in their reference hierarchy.

After uploading a ZIP file with several files organized into folders, click the Show view options icon (Files_tab_new_02.png) and select the appropriate option.


  • Flat list view: When this view is selected, all project documents are displayed in a straight list view.
  • Folder view: When this view is selected, all project documents are listed under the folder where they reside. You can then easily navigate up and down in the folder path by clicking the arrow next to the folder icon. You can also use breadcrumbs that show the hierarchy path of the current folder.

Display the cost of a task

The cost of work performed for a certain task is now shown in the new Payables tab on the Task Details page.

You are welcome to visit beta.smartcat.com where you can get a glimpse of the upcoming Smartcat editor and give it a test drive. The new editor features more trendy styling than its predecessor and delivers enhanced overall performance and stability. We encourage you to check it out and send your feedback. Any comment will be sincerely appreciated and diligently considered.

Support the mt-suggestion XLIFF state-qualifier attribute

The mt-suggestion attribute in XLIFF files is used to indicate that the translation is suggested by machine translation. When parsing an XLIFF file that was edited outside of the Smartcat platform, we are now able to detect this attribute and process it as follows:

  • Save it in the segment revision;
  • Adjust the segment history accordingly, by adding the Updated from external system [MT] entry;
  • Display the MT label in segment grid

Support the XLSX format when importing job registers

The job register import mechanism has become more flexible with the addition of the XLSX format to the list of supported formats. The instructions on the preparation of job registers in the CSV format are fully applicable to XLSX.

New localizations of the Smartcat platform and website

The constantly updated collection of Smartcat platform and website localizations now includes Spanish and French.

Display integration related error messages in UI

Integration errors added to Smartcat logs are now also shown in the UI. The error messages include useful information that may help you understand the issue and troubleshoot it.

  • Translation statistics for a job that a freelancer completes outside of the Smartcat platform and uploads as an XLIFF file, are now calculated correctly, including the number of weighted words.
  • Fixed several minor issues related to the new workflow of going through all documents in a single sweep.
  • Resolved several issues that were negatively affecting the overall system performance.
  • In rare cases, toggling on MT could enable several MT presets at once. This issue is now fixed to ensure that only one MT preset is enabled at any given time.
  • Auto-replacement during a TM match insertion has been adjusted to insert numerical values exactly as they appear in the source.
  • Fixed the problem that could render unusable the Ctrl + [any number] hotkey combination.

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