All-new integrations for Google Docs, Wordpress/WPML, Contentful, and Zendesk

Today’s companies need to deliver their content instantly across the globe. This goal cannot be accomplished if you keep exchanging endless emails and files to get content localized. The only way to stay globally relevant is to connect the whole multilingual content delivery loop. One of the surefire ways to achieve it is to connect Smartcat with different content sources right from the project settings and get your content synchronized automatically.

To set up an automated synchronization with such powerful industry standard tools as Google Docs, Wordpress/WPML, Contentful or Zendesk, and make the best use of them, you only need to create an integration project in Smartcat and select the tool to integrate with.

Go through all documents in a single sweep

As a freelancer, you can now easily pick up a translation or editing job where you left off and then wrap up all your assigned documents in an uninterrupted flow.

In the list of your tasks there is a new button called Continue Translation (or Continue Editing). Clicking this button opens the first document with unconfirmed segments, allowing you to resume work. As soon as the first document is completed, you are prompted to proceed to the next document, and so on, until you have processed all the segments that required your input.


Define multiple legal entities in one account

You can now use your corporate Smartсat account as an umbrella account for several legal entities. After providing the Billing details of the company on whose behalf you work on the platform, click Add billing details and define another set of billing details, and so on. To switch to working with the new details, set them as your default billing details.

New API endpoints for configuring MT rules

The API endpoints allowing you to configure MT engines and presets are now available in Smartcat’s public API.

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